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Taj Mahal Wood Model Kit
Taj Mahal Wood Model Kit Our Price: $14.99 3 available for immediate delivery
Product Details:
Taj Mahal Puzzled #1523 3D wood puzzle model craft construction kit. Build and decorate your very own three-dimensional Taj Mahal wood model craft. There are 176 interlocking individual pieces slotted to lock with each other forming a 3D model with limited gluing. (apprx. 15% of parts need glue, varies project to project). Woodcraft 3D model kits are wood model kits that are made of natural wood and come in a flat puzzle-like package. Pre-cut pieces just need to be gently pushed out of the board (a craft knife makes this easier and is recommended but not required). These are similar to plastic model kits and do not come with step-by-step instructions (we do included supplemental instructions). The pieces are slotted to interlock with each other and just need to be pressed together. You match up the part number of a piece with the same number of a second part, locking them together (glue will be needed on a few parts, also glue to make permanent). Press together in the right sequence by following the instruction sheet and looking at the picture on the front of the package. Some pieces may need slight trimming or sanding (small sandpaper square is included). These are meant to stimulate creativity and the minimum age listed is sure to need adult help (unless an advanced modeler). These are also great for adults and seniors who like detailed projects. Kids who like Lego’s or similar projects will love these crafts. Paint and decorate either the pieces or the finished item to suit your style! Decorating supplies and glue not included. Finished size approx 8.5” x 8.5" x 7". Makes 1. Advanced level. Age 11+

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