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Sun Catcher Paint & Supplies

For more detailed product information, click on the product name. If you need more than are available call us at 1-888-611-2973, we would be happy to order more for you.

  1. Glass Sun Catcher Stain Brushes
    Brushes for your sun catcher projects. 6/pkg.
    Our Price: $1.99
    Product #: 2339
    7 available for immediate delivery
  2. Suncatcher Suction Cups
    Use for hanging your finished sun catcher on the window. Apprx. 7/8" diameter with soft plastic hook. 5/pkg.
    Our Price: $1.99
    Product #: 2311
    6 available for immediate delivery
  3. Suction Cups for Sun Catchers
    Use for hanging your finished sun catcher on the window. 22mm (7/8") diameter with metal hook. 6/pkg.
    Our Price: $1.99
    Product #: 2305
    1 available for immediate delivery
  4. Sun Catcher Stain 7 Pot
    Dries semi transparent to allow light through. Non-toxic and water based, 7 colors and 1 brush. Volume 1 oz.
    Our Price: $4.29
    Product #: 31121
    Plenty available but allow 4-5 days to ship.
  5. Sun Catcher Stain 12 Pot
    Transparent paints in 12 vibrant colors. Each package includes 12 paint pots and paint brush. Great for use on glass, plastic, wood, metal, and ceramics. 1.8 fluid ounces per set.
    Our Price: $6.99
    Product #: 49506
    Plenty available. To keep stain fresh we have 1 to ship today. If you order more it will ship in 4-5 days.
  6. Eye Droppers
    Glass eye droppers that make dispensing stain a snap! 6/pkg.
    Our Price: $3.99
    Product #: 15053
    7 available for immediate delivery
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