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Shop below to buy crafting tools to make your project a success from our online store. They always say the right tool for the job will save you time and money; it is really true. Although our tools are designed to go with our craft projects you will find many are versatile and have many uses. It is important to remember to buy good quality, like the items below, although a bit more expensive they will last and provide you with years of trouble free service.

Easy One-Step Ordering - Enter the quantity for each color you wish to purchase and click the “Add All Selected” button. All the colors and quantities you selected will be entered into your cart at one time. For more information on product, click the picture; use back arrow to return to main page.

  1. Craft Knife
    This knife is great for trimming and cutting wood model parts as well as foam and other craft materials. Includes one 6” craft knife and five replacement blades.
    Our Price: $5.99
    Product #: AR10
    3 available for immediate delivery
  2. Slotted Long Nose Pliers
    Another of the top 3 pliers needed for jewelry projects; unlimited uses. Has wire/cord slots to allow you to apply clasps, crimp, and work with wire. 1/pkg.
    Our Price: $6.99
    Product #: B112
    1 available for immediate delivery
  3. Jewelry End Nipper Mini Pliers
    Big enough to get any job done. Another of the top 3 pliers needed for craft and jewelry projects. 4.5”. 1/pkg.
    Our Price: $6.49
    Product #: B112a
    1 available for immediate delivery
  4. E-Z Gimper Starter Tool
    The easiest way to start a plastic lacing project! Simply thread, pull, fold and tighten. The plastic lacing stitch starter is as easy an 1-2-3-4. 1/pkg.
    Our Price: $4.99
    Product #: EZ1
    10 available for immediate delivery
  5. Weave Wheel
    Start making lanyards like a pro, fast and easy. Perfect for friendship bracelets or key chains! Includes 1 Weave Wheel and detailed instructions (craft lace sold separately). 1/pkg. Buy 3-11 at $2.99; 12 or more at $2.79 each
    Our Price: $4.99
    Product #: PL103
    1 available for immediate delivery
  6. Hemp Knotting Board
    Keep your jewelry in place while using this incredible hemp knotting board. Can be used over-and-over! Has enough beads and hemp to make 3 projects. Includes knotting guide. Age 8+
    Our Price: $9.99
    Product #: BK45
    1 available for immediate delivery
  7. Mini Hot Glue Gun
    Simply the fastest & easiest way to glue models & crafts; by far! No drip nozzle. Uses 5/16” glue stick. Includes mini glue gun and 2 glue sticks. 4” x 4”.
    Our Price: $5.49
    Product #: AR01
    6 available for immediate delivery
  8. Sandpaper Fine - 150 Grit
    150 fine grit is used as a good all-around sandpaper. Will give wood nice smooth finish. 5 sheets per package. 9” x 11”.
    Our Price: $4.99
    Product #: WP100c
    11 available for immediate delivery
  9. Sandpaper Assorted
    Assorted sandpaper for beginning to final sanding; if getting 1 pack get this one. Medium, fine and extra fine. 5 sheets. 9” x 11”
    Our Price: $7.99
    Product #: WP100b
    2 available for immediate delivery
  10. Hand Drill for Wood
    Hand drill for wood is great for the school or camp workshop. Comes with a 5/64 and 1/16 inch standard bit. 1 set per package.
    Our Price: $2.99
    Product #: HD1
    3 available for immediate delivery

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